Self Organising Teams

At the heart of a software company is the software itself and no matter how much marketing or sales expertise goes into bringing a product to market, the usability, functionality and reliability of the software will be the final judgment. Therefore it makes sense to facilitate the development of the software and specifically the people developing the software. So, software engineers need to be able to create their own environment in which they can collaborate effectively between different disciplines, overcome difficult technical challenges and be creative while continuously delivering great products.

Furthermore, highly skilled and capable engineers build software and often the details of a solution can only be understood by someone who is immersed in the field or technology. Therefore, engineers should lead the critical decision-making and be actively involved with the customer.

To this end, as you will see when browsing our tenets, we believe in small teams of motivated and empowered developers working directly together with the customer. Also, to ensure a functioning self-organising team, we believe in collective ownership, accountability, and egoless development.

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