Chris Mocock, Director of Software Development

Wavestore is a global leader in innovative digital video recording and data management solutions, and the number one British provider of video management software.
Ciprian from Adaptive Development worked with Wavestore Limited for 5 years, starting in July 2010.

Ciprian was an instrumental part of the introduction of modern development practices and tools at Wavestore.

He took the lead role of setting up a Jenkins Continuous Integration server to initially allow automation of the cross-platform build of the Wavestore client software. Later on, he introduced various test suites including automated unit tests and integration tests of the various layers involved in the client projects. These include an internal toolkit based on C++ with Qt, an ActiveX/COM layer, and C# .NET applications.

As the infrastructure and systems improved, the team was able to move towards a Test Driven Development paradigm, and the Continuous Integration systems now provide rapid feedback as to whether code commits have caused any regressions.

As well as working to improve the systems and development practices at Wavestore, Ciprian worked extensively on the client-side codebase. He proved to be an excellent C++/C# developer whilst also having very strong ability in peripheral technologies such as bash scripting, the CMake build system, the gtest unit testing framework, and software packaging systems.

Aside from technical excellence, Ciprian also showed great attention to detail, quality of documentation, and the ability to turn his hand to a huge range of technologies across different development platforms. One of the most impressive skills though is one which is quite rare; the ability to take something which is inherently complex and make it simple. For that reason I couldn't recommend Ciprian more highly.

Chris Mocock

Director of Software Development


Karyn Devonshire, Managing Director

As a start-up company that relies on our software products to excite customer buying interest, we needed help to rapidly implement sound software development processes, without sacrificing quality. And once this was done, we needed to make our existing software robust enough for commercial launch.  Luckily we found Adaptive Development.
Adaptive Development, in the form of Carl, Ciprian, and Kelvin began working with Quipa in March 2008.

In short, I cannot recommend the Adaptive Development team highly enough. As a team and as individuals they are highly ethical and professional, and the standard to which their work is completed is exceptional.

The Adaptive Development team live and breathe "egoless development" – something that I had read about previously, however had never seen done well in practice before. For Quipa, this has meant that the Adaptive Development team has not only integrated seamlessly into our environment, they have also shared their knowledge and skills in a way that is consistently transparent and constructive.

Each of the Adaptive team has been instrumental in evolving Quipa's capability as a technology company and have done this in a way that is complementary to the overall Quipa team's effort, and is seen as helpful by all of our permanent team. The latter is a particularly positive achievement.

Specifically, Adaptive Development has increased the value of Quipa in the following ways:

  1. Software Delivery – all three of the Adaptive Development team are expert software engineers who deliver quality code with minimal fuss and at a velocity that is above the norm. They have been involved with solutions design, development and testing, including architecture of core components of the Quipa software.

  2. Software Quality – introduction of agile development methods implemented in a practical and very commercial way, education of the Quipa team on test-driven development and the implementation of a continuous build system.

  3. Client Sales – directly involved in the Quipa sales process with Enterprise clients including technical support for the sales team, presentation of technical solutions direct to the client and management of client POCs.

Karyn Devonshire

Managing Director


James R. Texter Jr., Chief Technology Officer

Amcat is a leading world wide provider of Call Center software catering to the Medium to Small Enterprise market. In March 2003, with the need to begin deploying the next generation of our product, Adaptive Development was chosen to work with our staff.
Since being selected, Adaptive Development has worked with internal staff on design, development, testing, site support and maintenance on various aspects of our contact center solutions.

Having previously worked with many of the Adaptive Development team, I had high expectations that they would deliver a high standard of service, and I have not been disappointed. I cannot say enough good things about the Adaptive Development group. This team of consultants has such a high state of synergy among them that they are truly a joy to work with.

The Adaptive Development team has delivered a series of new product features since March 2003.

These features were primarily added at their main lab in New Zealand. When these new features went live, they performed well out of the box. This was mainly due to the comprehensive testing done by the Adaptive Development staff prior to delivery of the product for testing. When bugs were found, their detailed logging system allowed them to quickly and accurately detect the problem and provide a timely fix. When a problem was found during an extremely mission critical deployment, they went above and beyond to get the problem rectified, allowing the deployed site to complete their rollout on time. They have shown a willingness to fly to our site or our customer' site at very short notice when necessary.

One of our stated goals was to maintain maintenance and future enhancements of the product in house. In order to ensure this is facilitated frequent code walkthroughs are conducted to quality check the code produced by Adaptive Development. We have always found that the code produced by Adaptive Development is structured very well utilizing a combination of good object orientated programming techniques and good cleanly structured and readable code.

Amcat' own programmers have always found it easy to locate and make changes to the code. I am confident that the objective of maintaining and enhancing the code in house has been met.

On a previous occasion working with these consultants, we challenged them with a difficult piece of IVR design. Amcat demanded complete configurability and flexibility in call flow and behavior, scalability and rich feature/functionality. The skeleton design was achieved in a 4 hour brainstorming session between Amcat and Adaptive Development Engineers; a few days later a design document for the project was complete. Due to their experience in designing general software solutions, as well as their knowledge of Call Center Technology, the produced design surpassed my own expectations and that of their competition hands down.

We have been so satisfied with Adaptive Development that we continue to use them, and would not hesitate to engage them for any future new project developments.

If you find yourself or your company in the position of needing to supplement your development staff to accomplish a project and yet be able to maintain the code yourself afterwards I highly recommend you contact Adaptive Development.


James R. Texter Jr., Chief Technology Officer