Adaptive Development is a New Zealand based software development team. We're not experts in the latest and greatest technology that will solve all your issues, and we do not own any golden hammers. But we are a team of software developers with experience over a wide range of different technologies, languages, and projects. And we have plenty of battle-scars. We believe that the approach taken in a software project is the most critical factor that determines success. Please contact us for a chat.

  • Kelvin Hartnall Kelvin Hartnall
    • BCOM, Finance, Accounting, Commercial Law
    • PGDBU, Business Administration
    • MSc, Mathematics
    • BCMS, Computer Science and Mathematics
    CoffeeAs you can tell from my picture - I enjoy my coffee.
    I have a wide range of interests, though I am particularly interested in technology, entrepreneurship, and investing.
    I have a love for life-long learning, especially in computer science, mathematics, business, and investing. Software glues all these interests together! I currently have a passion for machine-learning and AI technologies, especially deep-learning algorithms.
  • Carl Samuelson Carl Samuelson
    QualificationsI have a degree (BSc) in Computer Science and Psychology and I am a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).
    CoffeeLike many other software developers I enjoy a good coffee. I also enjoy spending time with my wife and daughter, snowboarding, reading and sending Kerbals to space (some make it back).
    BlogBark of the ByteProjectsBright Bobbin
    Full stack software developer. From drivers to HTML, sales and support. Click below to see my full profile:View on Stack Overflow
  • Ciprian Toader Ciprian Toader
    QualificationsI have a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Auckland University.
    CoffeeA double-shot capuccino.
    I have a passion for technology and software development in particular.
    ProjectsFrom telecommunications to security, and CCTV. I have been involved in many large projects such as a software-based PBX system, multi-threaded call centre system, test frameworks, web and GUI applications.
    I am a software engineer with over 10 years of experience in a variety of fields.